Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Book Synopsis

NOTE: Book on Amazon  2016
  This book is for lovers! It is for sensitive, romantic souls. People who wipe a tear as they watch a beautiful sunset... Or people who under the August full moon understand that life is "true, inflamed love".

Paul, a handsome young Greek business executive guides Sophie, a younger ethereal beauty of a Greek Goddess in her successful Harvard Business School application. They are interested in one another. However, so many questions arise. Will they date, as Sophie has a steady boyfriend for six years, Robert, and as Paul still has a mad crush on his former girl friend at Harvard, Wendy? Will they fall in love, will he ask her to marry him and will their marriage ever take place, if at all. Many threatening plots against their relationship unravel as they island hop the Greek Isles or jet around the world to Paris, Venice, India, Switzerland, Boston, NYC, Cuba, Boston and Vail Co. Robert, Sophie's psychotic ex-boyfriend physically assaults her.  Wendy, Paul's ex girl friend stalks Paul. Sophie’s mother constantly interferes in their affair. Paul's, aristocratic and snobbish mother plots to turn the lovers apart. Alain, Paul's classmate from Harvard grossly sexually harasses Sophie. Even Alice, Sophie’s sexy-bombshell sister wants to “share” Paul. Paul is definitely passionately interested...


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  2. Sounds great, right up my alley. I'll be sure to check it out.