Tuesday, July 12, 2011

D.S.Sarantis fiction

You will not easily put it down as you read it in just one, single breath. This book is for  lovers! It is for sensitive, romantic souls. People who wipe a tear as they watch a beautiful sunset... Or people who under the August full moon understand that life is "true, inflamed love".


  1. A great synopsis! I'm intrigued and look forward to reading this novel. It feels like a book that you can't put down because there is so many things happening. I would want to know and that's what would keep me turning the pages and turn into a speed reader. Dimitri this is now on my list of novels as a must read. Looking forward to reading this exciting new novel!!! Thank you for sharing this synopsis.

    Lori Spencer

    1. Hi Lori,
      a great thanks for your very kind words, you are very nice. Actually, this Wednesday my content editor returned the edited book to me. She thought it was very good but pointed out that the part after they get engaged is like a narration, a little boring. So I added two new plots, one expanding the mother's - Elizabeth's - mean activities and a second one involving Sophie's mother, Christie which causes friction and conflict between Paul and Sophie. They both have happy ending resolutions - fortunately. I'm continuing my correction work, trying to keep the plots streamlined so the readers don't get confused. I'm aiming to send it back to the editor for a final proof-reading this coming Wednesday and I estimate the book to be available between June 15 and July 15.
      Have a wonderful day,
      Dimitri :)

  2. Hi Dimitri! We just connected on twitter and as I do all my twitter buds, I check out their site and see who they are and what they write. First off, the book cover is exquisite! Secondly, the synopsis, pulled us right in. I love stories that have layers to them. Keeping you interested by raising the bar. Paul & Sophie's love, and the complications of their backstories and committed interest with Robert & Wendy. Congratulations with the book and we're looking forward to a great read!

    Inion N. Mathair

  3. Your book sounds enticing. Looking forward to it! Would be glad to review it on my blog. http://www.wrestlilngwithretirement.com